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     We offer on-site and in-shop services. While most services can be completed at your home or office, many times, due to the time it takes and/or complexity of the service, it is best to have the service performed at the shop if possible.

For in-shop services we offer a flat rate fee depending on the type/nature of the service to be performed.

Most on-site service is at a by-the-hour rate with the exception of basic wireless/wired network installation.


We invite you to shop around so that you can see our rates are very reasonable. Please see below for more details on services and rates. This list is not limited to the listed service's and is just some of the most popular services available.

On-Site Services


Most in-shop services can be done on site as well. However, those services will be charged at an hourly rate not a flat rate.


  • Basic Wired/Wireless Network Installation* 

*Includes basic wiring (if not wireless) setup of router/modem, up to 2 total computers, and 1 node (Printer, Storage, Gaming System, IP Phone).   Network equipment/cable & PC's not included.


  • On-Site Troubleshooting :We'll come to your home or office and diagnose your computer or network and explain what service needs to be preformed to resolve the problem.

  • On-Site Service :Services performed at your residence or office. By-the-hour fee applies.

In-Shop Services

  • PC Tune-Up (advanced): Shop Service:Call for current pricing    

    Remove temporary files and re-claim disk space, remove unneeded start-up programs to free up system resources, scan disk for errors, clean up Windows registry, acquire and install or advise of important Windows operating system updates, full defragmentation of local hard disk, check for memory errors, check for failing hardware, acquire and install up-to-date drivers for system hardware, adjust windows system/security settings, scan for known viruses. Vacuum interior* and clean exterior of case. Inspect and clean cooling components (Heatsink's/Fan's).


  • Tune-up (basic): Shop Service: Call for current pricing        Remove temporary files and re-claim disk space, remove unneeded start-up programs to free up system resources, scan disk for errors, clean up Windows registry, acquire and install, or advise of important Windows operating system updates.


  • PC Format/Restore: Shop service: Call for current pricing      Format hard drive, reinstall and configure operating system, acquire and install latest software drivers for your hardware, Remove "trial" software, Download and install  OS (Operating System) updates and Service Packs, test installation.


  •  Basic Troubleshooting: Shop Service: Call for current pricing      We will diagnose your problem, explain the cause and explain the repair procedure and cost, and you can decide if you would like the work done. *If you decide to have the work done, there will be no charge for troubleshooting and you will only be charged the fee for the procedure needed to repair your problem.


  • Hardware installation: Shop Service: Call for current pricing     Installation configuration of hardware upgrades or peripherals. Custom Built Systems may qualify for free set-up and installation.


  • Remote Assistance: Shop Service:$60.00     We will connect to your computer via an internet connection and diagnose and fix (if possible remotely) your problem. (*Must have high speed internet connection - Cable/DSL and compatible Operating System i.e. XP,Vista,Windows7.)


  • Basic Data Recovery: Shop Service: Call for current pricing        Most drives. Price will vary depending on size of data to be recovered and severity of damage to Hard Disk Drive. Price does no include blank media for recovery. If data cannot be recovered locally, you will not be charged and will be referred to a data recovery specialist. Hard drive will have to be shipped out  and a separate fee, depending on nature of failure and amount of data to be recovered, will be charged by the recovery specialists.

Service & Maintenance



     We offer network and hardware service contracts to help you keep your business running smoothly and securely. Available in 2 terms: Annual and Semi-Annual. We can also tailor the contract to best suit your specific needs.

     With basic network & hardware maintenance you can avoid costly system failures, data loss, and down time.

Please call us if you would like more specifics and pricing on Service Contracts tailored to your business needs. 

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